Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Holistic Guide for Employees and their Healthcare Professionals by MJA member Nick Stafford

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I am a psychiatrist of 30 years experience in the NHS with an interest in mental health and wellbeing at work, and am the Royal College lead for the ‘Doctors’ Mental Health Programme’.

I have recently published this book, and MJA members might find it a useful aid to their self help collection. The book is a guide and set of tools to help you survive, stay well, and thrive at work. It is for all people in employment, including those with mental health problems, work-related stress, and those who are well but would like to develop skills to improve their well-being at work. The workplace is a complex environment. The better you understand your relationships and interactions at work, the more you will enjoy and stay well, and the more you will get from yourself and those around you.

The book also guides those caring for these and how to provide support for them. There is a chapter for healthcare professionals to use the book as a manual to structure therapeutic activity and care plans. There is a chapter signposting employers how to offer support to employees, train managers, and make their workplaces psychologically safer.

The book looks in detail at how to: detect early warning signs of illness relapse; cope with stress; prevent relapse in good time; have effective conversations to support you; improve your well-being; assess the expectations of your job; work effectively with your manager; improve your relationships at work; improve your resilience.

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Nick Stafford

Author Nick Stafford

Dr Nick Stafford is a highly committed and engaging psychiatrist with over 25 years’ experience. Within his career he has combined clinical experience with medical features writing, media work, research and lecturing. He has various roles on a national level with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, including leading the workforce wellbeing team on supporting doctors with health needs, involvement with young adults and University student's mental health. He has recently established a new regional project with a team of psychiatrists and faith leaders to support faith communities in managing mental ill health in their worshippers. He is a Trustee to the national charity Mind and has been the Vice Chairman of the national charity Bipolar UK. He is a media spokesperson for the Royal College of Psychiatrists. By combining extensive practical clinical experiences along with an extensive history of writing for a wide variety of audiences, Dr Stafford is able to write about complex medical issues to a broad audience. He is very approachable and is passionate about writing, using media and editing in order to produce literature that is clear and informative to both the public and professionals. Dr Stafford specialises in the treatment of Bipolar Affective Disorder, Depression, Treatment Resistant Depression, and Complex Depression as well as General Adult Psychiatry. He works as a consultant general adult psychiatrist in West Bromwich. He has been a Clinical Director for Adult Mental Health Services in the Rutland and Leicestershire and has created Mood Disorder clinics within the NHS across three counties. He has undertaken research and has been the principal investigator in a number of studies including pharmaceutical and psychological treatments for psychiatric illness. Dr Stafford has been published in the area of Bipolar and Depression, was guest features writer for for Care Knowledge, Mental Health Today Magazine and has been interviewed a number of times by the BBC (Radio 4, BBC World Service, BBC Scotland & BBC Leicester) on bipolar related issues. He engages in public education interviews on mood disorders with the printed press including national UK newspapers and magazines such as Psychologies and LOOK. He has been awarded Clinical Excellence awards in the NHS in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017.

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