The MJA is delighted to welcome IVI as sponsor of the Feature of the Year (general audience) category 2022.

IVI was founded in 1990 as the first medical institution fully dedicated to Assisted Reproduction. Since then it has helped with the birth of more than 200,000 babies thanks to the application of the latest assisted reproduction methods and a multidisciplinary team made up of over 2,500 professionals in Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Genetics, Biology, Andrology, Surgery, Maternal-Foetal Medicine, and Embryology.

IVI currently has more than 65 clinics all over the world. In addition to the London clinic, IVI also has clinics in: Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Panama, Portugal and the United States of America.

Please contact Rhianna Kettle or Laura Chambers (07553 730514/07793 049657) if you would like expert comment from professionals working within fertility and assisted reproduction.

Key spokespeople include:

Dr César Díaz-García

Dr Cesar Diaz-Garcia: Dr Díaz-García is an award-winning fertility specialist and surgeon, Medical Director of IVI London and an Honorary Associate Professor at University College London. His research is focused on ovarian cortex transplantation, ovarian rejuvenation and uterus transplantation, and in 2012 he was part of the team to obtain the first live birth from a uterus transplant. His special interests include improving IVF success rates and fertility preservation in oncology patients.

Dr Mireia Galian

Dr Mireia Galian: Dr Galian is a senior IVF consultant and specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology. She specialises in 3D ultrasound and obstetric diagnosis and pre-conception genetic testing, with extensive experience in fertility treatment procedures including inseminations, egg collections, embryo transfers and hysteroscopic/laparoscopic surgery. Her special interests include genetic counselling, ultrasound diagnosis, egg freezing and egg donation.

Tracey Chester

Tracey Chester: Tracey is a Specialist Fertility Counsellor, based at IVI London and in the Assisted Conception Unit at Guy’s & St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust. Tracey has worked exclusively in the fertility field for the last eleven years and is a former Chair of the British Infertility Counselling Association. Tracey has extensively published and lectured, both nationally and internationally. Her special interests include end of treatment and on-going pregnancy anxiety, baby and pregnancy loss, trauma, assisted conception, donor conception and surrogacy.