Haleon is sponsoring the new Health & Climate Change award which will recognise outstanding journalism contributing to this increasingly important topic.  

Climate change is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the single biggest threat to human health.  In the UK, we’re facing more frequent and extreme heatwaves, worsening air quality, rising pollen-related allergies and potential increases in vector-borne illnesses. Without action, the impact on people’s everyday health is set to intensify. 

About Haleon – for health with humanity 

Haleon is a world-leading consumer health company with a purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity.  Their familiar brands span Oral Health, Pain Relief, Respiratory Health, Digestive Health and Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS) and include Panadol, Otrivine, Voltarol, Centrum and Sensodyne.  Built on science, innovation and human understanding, their brands are trusted by millions globally in a self-care sector that is growing and more relevant than ever.

Haleon & Climate Health 

Haleon aims to empower millions of people a year to be more included in opportunities for better everyday health.  Yet climate change threatens to exacerbate health inequalities, impacting the most vulnerable first and hardest.  

Haleon is committed to helping to tackle climate change by taking positive steps to reduce their carbon footprint. They are also collaborating with others – and working through their trusted brands – to raise awareness and provide solutions to challenges that have implications for both health and the environment.

Some examples of their initiatives include: 

  • Haleon is part of the Climate and Health Coalition which was set up to mobilise and equip the private sector to accelerate outcomes that deliver benefits for both people and planet.
  • An independent, scientific collaborative, The Clean Breathing Institute is funded by Haleon to build the climate and health evidence base and develop practical guidance to enable health professionals to advise their patients.
  • Haleon brand purpose initiatives such as Otrivine Actions to Breathe Cleaner which is helping children, communities and pharmacists take action to reduce their exposure to air pollution.
  • Exploring the link between climate change and worsening everyday health conditions, such as migraines and joint pain.
  • Supported by Haleon, the Economist Impact’s Health Inclusivity Index  studied the lived experience of 42,000 people across 40 countries.  On the topic of climate change and health it discovered:
  • Marginalised populations and those living with a chronic health condition are most impacted, with 68% concerned about the impact on their health. 
  • Younger people are most worried, with 62% agreeing climate change is likely to impact their health for the worse in the future.

Haleon is helping to make everyday health more sustainable through tackling carbon emissions, making packaging more sustainable, sourcing trusted ingredients sustainably and integrating water stewardship and waste circularity. 

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