The MJA would like to welcome Doctors’ Association UK as sponsor of the Feature of the Year (Specialist Audience) category in our 2024 awards.

Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK): A non-profit organisation led by frontline doctors

Doctors hold a vocation for the work they do. It makes sense that frontline doctors should be instrumental in shaping UK healthcare policy.

We should be ensuring that our collective voice speaks to the government and demands to be heard when it is developing policy. We should be engaged with the media outlets whose opinions inform the public about the state of the NHS.

None of this is happening, and doctors consequently feel unheard, powerless and disenfranchised.

Things need to change, and the Doctors’ Association UK seeks to bring about that change.

We are a strictly non-profit campaigning and lobbying organisation, comprised of UK doctors and medical students. We advocate for both the medical profession and patients, and we’re fighting for a better NHS for everyone.

UK doctors’ voices have not been heard collectively, until now. We stand for a better NHS. Stand with us.