MJA News: June-July 2011


This issue of MJA News contains important information on MJA Summer and Winter Awards and a report of the presentation of the MJA Open Book Awards in May.

Voting papers for the Summer Awards, which were attached to the distributed copies of this newsletter, are posted separately on the MJA webiste.

A poll, asking MJA members which of the awards categories they they would like to be chosen for the next set of Winter awards, is also posted on this site.

On the back page of the newsletter you will find the date for the next MJA AGM — September 28, 2011 — and a profile of emeritus Professor Edzard Ernst (pictured) who will address us on this occasion.

Read MJA News now and keep abreast of what is going on in the MJA.

Regards — PHILIPPA (Pigache, MJA hon sec)


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Philippa Pigache

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Philippa Pigache has been a journalist for more than 50 years, and, In her time, has covered everything except crime and sport. She also writes books, plays and short stories. She has been on staff of local newspapers, magazines, national newspapers, radio and television, including the Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, the Guardian, ITN and BBC science features. She was quiz-queen for Cosmopolitan, agony auntie for Woman’s Realm and, since the 1990s, she has written on medical science for specialist magazine. She has authored several medical self-help books. She has won awards for journalism, books and fiction. 

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