Enter the MJA Summer Awards 2015 now: winners receive £750

Summer award logo landscapeEntries are now being accepted for the Medical Journalists’ Association Summer Awards for 2015. There are 11 award categories, including a new one for Blogger of the year. Individual winners will receive £750 plus a certificate at the Summer Awards ceremony at BMA House, on July 9.

Some categories specify distinct media sectors (staff or freelance; general or specialist audience; broadcast, print or online), others are open to entries from different media. It is axiomatic that all material should be health- or medicine-related. Please supply supportive evidence where appropriate.

The categories are:

• Digital innovation
• Editor of the year
• Staff journalist of the year (general audience)
• Freelance journalist of the year (general audience)
• Staff journalist of the year (specialist audience)
• Freelance journalist of the year (specialist audience)
• Young journalist of the year (those aged 29 or under on May 26, 2015)
• Regional journalist of the year (working for national or regional publications or broadcast outlets in the four UK countries but outside London)
• Story of the year – the 2015 general election

Who or what is eligible?

• MJA Summer Awards are open to all.
• Non-members of the MJA are asked either to pay a one-off entry fee of £22 or, if eligible, to apply to join the MJA, paying an upfront annual subscription of £40, making them entitled to enter future MJA awards for free. One entry fee only per entrant is payable even when submitting to several award categories. Details of how to pay fee or subscription are on the entry form.
• All submitted material must have been published or broadcast between May 27, 2014 and May 26, 2015. It must not have been submitted in previous MJA awards, nor can the same material be submitted in two or more categories of the Summer Awards.
• Most MJA Summer Awards are for a body of work so we ask for three pieces of work, no more, to support each entry, apart from Story of the year, which is for a single article or piece of content. For Digital innovation and Editor of the year, it is essential to supply a detailed citation in the contextual text box. Up to three links to external supportive evidence may be included, either within the text or in the three boxes above. (See details below.)
• Editors, including MJA members, may enter the work of another journalist for an award, provided they are not also entering their own work, in any category. Contact details for the work’s author must be provided and, of course, his or her permission must be obtained.

What should you submit?

• If you are submitting online, please provide a PDF or URL link for each article or broadcast item, and one that is not behind access controls. Please do not submit articles longer than 2,000 words, or files larger than 8MB.
• Please label each PDF clearly with your name and the category in which it is entered: e.g. robinsmith/staff general; geriatric medicine/editor.
• You may submit hard copy by post in the form of print or DVDs but you must fill in the online entry form. Please send three copies of each article/programme that constitutes the entry, to Philippa Pigache, Fairfield, Cross in Hand, Heathfield, TN21 0SH. Use the text box beneath the file upload boxes on the entry form to say you are sending hard copy.
• Evidence to support entries is useful for the judges. Below are some guidelines on what to supply.

For Blogger: three posts (paid or unpaid), on personal or medical title blog platform, details of impact, engagement (including social media ‘likes’), hits and reader comment.
­ For Broadcast journalist: topicality, exclusivity, any follow-up, response, reaction.
­ For Digital innovation: goals, plus how, when and with what success the innovation took place.
­ For Editor: goals, achievement, influence and impact, commercial data, innovation, brand extensions, partnership working with external organisations, conferences, events or campaigns, evidence of leadership and teamwork, increased personal profile (name checks, speaking engagements, social media profile).
­ For general audience journalists: scoop, exclusivity, impact (online, social media, changes in health policy).
­ For specialist audience journalists: as for general audience entries, also whether stories picked up in general/national media.

IMPORTANT: you must include a separate entry form for each entry.

IMPORTANT: non-members’ entries will not be processed unless either an entry fee has been paid, or an application made and subscription paid to the MJA at the time of submission.

NEW EXTENDED CLOSING DATE: 7 pm, on Monday, June 2, 2015

What happens after you have submitted your entries?

• Judges’ names will be announced on the MJA website.
• Shortlists will be posted on the MJA website by the middle of June, and in the summer issue of MJA News. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony at BMA House, London on July 9, to which all shortlisted entrants will be invited.
• Individual winners will receive a cheque for £750 plus an inscribed certificate. Commended entries will receive certificates.

Any queries, contact Philippa Pigache at (T: 01435 868786).

Membership application forms are available at the link below.
Non-member entry fees should preferably be made by direct bank-to-bank transfer. Contact Philippa Pigache for details.

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