Philippa lightens her load

By July 18, 2015Public
After many years of dedicated service to the MJA, our honorary secretary Philippa Pigache, has decided she would like to reduce her workload.
MJA chair, Lawrence McGinty says: “I’m sure everyone will join me in saying huge ‘thank you’ toQuiz DSC_4084 Philippa for her hard work and tireless contribution — and welcome the news that she will continue to play an active role, particularly in the organisation the MJA awards.”
As former chair, Dr Oliver Gillie says: “Philippa has served the MJA with the utmost dedication over many years.
“Philippa has helped so many of us in practical ways as well as giving us the benefit of her wise counsel. She has attended committee meetings faithfully during these years as secretary and laboured dutifully over minutes creating a splendid record. I doubt that she has ever missed a meeting.
“She knows we love her, but in case she has moments of doubt let me say:  we all love you Philippa and are most grateful for everything you have done for us. I doubt that we will ever be able to replace you or thank you enough.”
John Illman, another former chair, adds: “It’s just as well that Philippa didn’t pursue a career in the diplomatic service, but if they had been a career pathway for having a big heart, she’d have been set for life.
“As it was, latterly, she injected a mass of heart into the MJA for which we should all be very grateful. Her commitment and sense of what was best for the MJA was never in doubt.”


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  • Jill Palmer says:

    Philippa will be much missed and a hard act to follow.

  • Mike Smith says:

    You’ll be very hard if not impossible to replace Philippa. Thank you very much for all your hands on, round the clock, dedication to the MJA. Love Mike x

  • Jane Symons says:

    Indeed, a hard act to follow — huge kudos and thanks to Philippa for all she has done for the MJA.

  • Richenda Power says:

    With admiration for the role you have played, Philippa, and respect for one who knows when they wish to ‘lighten a load’. Wishing you all the best with whatever you choose to do with the ‘spare’ time!
    Love, Richenda

  • Janet Wright says:

    I can’t imagine the MJA without you, Philippa! You’ve been central to its achievements, yet you’ve always taken time to help members individually.

    Huge thanks for everything you’ve done over the years, and very best wishes for the future.

    Love, Janet

  • Alan Maryon-Davis says:

    Oh my goodness, Philippa – I’ll have to sit down and take deep breaths. You’ve been so much the driving force of the MJA for so long. You’ve done such an amazing job of holding the whole shabang together. Not sure how we’ll manage without your boundless energy and commitment.

    Huge thanks for it all. Alan x

  • East or west, Philippa is the best. Philippa has served the MJA for so long with sincerity, dignity, enthusiasm, warmth, wisdom and paying attention to details. She has a creative mind and she gave life and strength to MJA Award events, other MJA events and MJA Newsletter. Someone who would follow her would find a tradition to follow. I value her support and kindness to me at all occasions.
    Long Live Philippa, in life and literature.
    *Member of the MJA.
    *Author of TRANSCULTURAL MEDICINE; Dealing with patients from different Cultures, Religions &

  • Sandra Hempel says:

    Yes, thank you so much Philippa for all your tremendous hard work on our behalf. You have been phenomenal and will indeed be a very hard act to follow. Love, Sandra

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