MJA membership fees to rise from February 2016

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Increase in membership fees – a note from your Chair,  Lawrence McGinty:

First, the good news. The MJA membership fee has remained unchanged (at £40 for full members) for a decade. It is tax deductible for many members. In that decade, we’ve had oodles of meetings, we’ve set up a great website, we’ve passed on news of job and work opportunities, we’ve had brilliant award ceremonies. And we’re planning to make all those activities better.

Now the bad news. The last AGM decided to increase the membership fee to £50. The EC decided fees for other members should rise in proportion (£37 for associates, £12 for students/retired members). Please adjust your standing orders that will be due to pay out in February 2016 – it makes our treasurer’s and membership secretary’s lives so much easier.  You might also want to double check that you are paying into the correct bank account (Barclays) as there seem to be quite a few members whose standing order is still paying into an old account (HSBC) that we really need to close.

Our finances are on a firm footing, but occasionally a little hand to mouth. The increase will smooth out the fluctuations and allow us to build up a sensible reserve.

If you have any queries regarding your membership fees/standing order and/or need the details of our bank account with Barclays do contact Sallie Robins our administrator

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