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Hi, I care for my mum who has Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Having children and a full time job I struggled to remind mum at the right times every day to take her meds and attend doctors appointments. I was frustrated that I could find no technology that mum could get to grips with. So my sister and I developed a reminder service that delivers voice messages to a loved ones home phone that are recorded in advance by their carers on a smartphone app. The app is available at the end of this month on the Apple Apps store and the Google Play store. It has won an innovation award and I’ve been interviewed on BBC Radio. I’d like to get some advice on how to get a press release out to journalists that specialise in medical news. Also how to generally engage with the media.


Jonny Morris, Nudgu Limited



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  • Philippa Pigache says:

    How sad that no one has has contributed a reply to this post. It sounds like a really interestint story. Perhaps someone picked it up and wrote about it? I only found it by accident — more than seven months after it was posted.

    Is there something we could do to flag an appeal like this? Jonny Morris is not a member of course. But his story seems to me to be a nugget really worth promoting.

    Perhaps Apple and Google apps have given him more publicity than the MJA. I would really like to know if other members read this item and got in touch.

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