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Miss Dashwood logoA new journalist-led ‘match-making’ service connecting journalists looking for case histories to small businesses, individuals and micro charities has been launched.

Miss Dashwood’s Register, founded by former MJA chair Victoria Lambert, will act as an introduction agency for journalists from all media to bona fide case histories, who do not have access to traditional PR.

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Founder, former MJA chair Victoria Lambert

Victoria says: ‘‘Every day journalists like us need to talk to people from all walks of life to get opinions on a wide range of subjects from politics to mortgages, setting up small businesses to dealing with the NHS or caring for a child with special needs. Miss Dashwood’s Register will provide the media with a new bank of people from all over the UK who are ready and happy to share their voice with the public.’’

Former Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail staffer Victoria, who now works as a freelance for a number of national titles, adds: ‘‘Miss Dashwood’s clients will appeal particularly to those looking for straightforward stories relating to business, family, education, and personal development. Our clients are not of the kiss and tell variety, but individuals with interesting experiences and thoughtful opinions to share.’’


The service is completely free for journalists to use, says Victoria. ‘‘We all know how difficult it can be to find the case history we need, and I hope Miss Dashwood’s will become a trusted partner in those searches.’’

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