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Jyoti Shah

Jyoti Shah

Jyoti Shah is a full-time Consultant Urological Surgeon in the West Midlands and has a specialist interest in general urology, prostate cancer and teaching. Jyoti has an interest in academic work and is currently the Commissioning Editor for The Annals and Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Previously she held the Associate Editor role. During her time working for the Annals she has developed and published a peri-operative series of articles. She is currently developing an innovative series about leadership lessons from other professions. She reviews for 12 International journals, and regularly writes peer reviewed articles. Jyoti has authored 3 urology books under the Day-2-Day banner and recently published a book about how to write an academic paper. She has also written the urology section of Burton Hospital’s public website. She is Editor-in-Chief of Medical Woman.  http://www.jyotishah.com/

Allison Kirsop

Allison Kirsop

I am a freelance medical writer working in health and medical education. My business focuses on Needs Assessment writing for educational grant proposals, and I also write for the independent health platform, ‘Patient’. My background is in bioinorganic chemistry and before becoming a medical writer I completed postdoctoral research in drug delivery systems for diabetes, and developed polymers as scaffolds for stem cells in bone regeneration therapies in the treatment of osteoporosis and bone cancer. As a science writer, I have contributed to various online sources, including the science magazine ‘Frontiers’ which is a publication of the Orkney Science Festival, taking part in a series of articles on the topic of metals in medicine. As a new member of the MJA, I am looking forward to meeting new colleagues in the future. http://rosswrite.com


Tim Tonkin

Tim Tonkin

I have been working as a journalist for more than six years. Having started my career in local newspapers, I have also worked in trade press and online, and am now a staff writer for the British Medical Association’s in-house news title and website.

In the two years that I have been at the BMA, I have had the opportunity to report on a wide range of pressing medical issues, not least extensive and in-depth coverage of the junior doctor contract dispute.
As well as providing news and analysis on a daily and weekly basis for association members, working at the BMA has also provided me the opportunity to carry out independent investigations into pressing medico-political topics such as devolution of healthcare.

Immediately prior to joining the BMA and beginning my focus on medical journalism, I was working on freelance basis covering everything from criminal court cases to celebrity interviews.


Janette Marshall

Janette Marshall

Janette Marshall is a freelance who specialized in health after training as a journalist on regional newspapers.

She was a pioneer author of healthy eating books, subverting techniques learned during Cordon Bleu training, while deputy editor of Here’s Health and BBC Good Health.

Other editing roles include Healthy, BBC Good Health, Weightwatchers and Slimming World, plus stints as food/health editor on a range of women’s magazines.

Current freelance contributions to consumer magazines, papers and websites include healthy lifestyle and fitness features, as well as dealing with articles on specific medical conditions.

Growing vegetables and fruit in an urban walled patio garden, and on a large allotment, also provide tasty treats and fodder for recipe development, plus copy for a Seed to Plate column in My Weekly. http://www.janettemarshall.co.uk


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