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Medtronic meeting Choudhary

Dr Pratik Choudhary talks technology

‘‘The Future of Medicine’ media event hosted by Medtronic for members of the MJA and Guild of Health Writers showcased the latest in medical technology. The briefing, at the Royal College of GPs, featured contributions from two of the UK’s leading stroke and type 1 diabetes clinicians, who provided their perspectives on technologies that are changing patient outcomes.

The event opened with a presentation from stroke specialist Dr Kyriakos Lobotesis of Charing Cross Hospital, London on a new approach to treatment – mechanical thrombectomy – which can dramatically improve quality of life in emergency stroke patients, many of whom would be left severely disabled with traditional treatment.

The procedure involves passing a thin wire-like device through the body via an incision in the groin, in order to capture and remove stroke-inducing clots from the brain.

Medtronic meeting 2

Networking and news opportunities at Medtronic event

Members also heard from Dr Pratik Choudhary of Kings Hospital, London, who described some of the everyday challenges associated with type 1 diabetes management. He explained how these can be improved through the use of insulin pump technology.

Following the presentations, a Medtech expo was held for members to experience first-hand some of Medtronic’s innovative devices, as part of an interactive exhibition. Activities ranged from surgical demostrations with anatomical models, to implanting a pacemaker through virtual reality experiences.

More than 40 members of the MJA and Guild who attended the event and were able  to network, whilst learning about cutting-edge technology.

If you couldn’t make it, and would like to more information on the technologies which are transforming lives, email Rebecca Fancini or go to the Medtronic website.

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