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There are a number of benefits to having your own website. Here, Tomek Wojcik, the MD of Sumobaby Digital, explains how to get started.

Not only does an online presence mean that your audience can easily find you, but there’s somewhere to direct colleagues and clients: a digital base to host links to your work and information about your experience and qualifications.

But building and maintaining a website can be challenging. That’s where a free, one-page (or basic multi-page) site can be useful. It has all the benefits of a standalone site, and the added advantages of being simple to set up and update, and requiring no other maintenance.

Having met some of you at the freelance forum in April 2017 and learned that many had yet to establish an online presence, I thought that doing so was a good place to start. Although there are a number of services of this kind, I’ve chosen as offering a great package for journalists. It’s high-quality, free (although there are optional, chargeable extras), and well within reach of the less technically confident. I want to stress that I’m not in any way affiliated with this company, nor will I benefit from recommending it.

This is what allows you to do: “Create a page to present who you are and what you do in one link”. Here are some great examples of pages belonging to people who use the service:

You can get yourself set up in under 15 minutes and I’ve created a video tutorial to help you through the process, which you can watch here:

Good luck and please do get in touch if you’d like more information about this or other digital services.

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