PR: pet hates and perfect pitches

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Newsflash:  The survey is now available for MJA members to complete.  Take the survey now and be in with the chance of winning a bottle of fizz.

We’ve all had a moan, or a laugh, about a press release that just didn’t work. One of my ‘favourites’ started “Dear Hard-nosed Newshound” and went even further downhill from there. Some might argue it was  incredibly effective because I read it to the very end, and shared it with several colleagues — but it was for all the wrong reasons.


If we’re being honest, there are also times a press release or story pitch has landed in our in-box that is flagging up a cracking story and has already answered a lot of our questions.


In order to encourage the latter and discourage the former, the MJA, launched our Excellence in PR Award in partnership with the Healthcare Communications Association.


We are also putting together a survey of MJA members to identify what we value in press materials, and what we don’t want. Please use the comments section below (you may have to scroll down quite a way) to add any thoughts on issues or questions you think we should cover.

Thanks, Jane Symons

Jane Symons

Author Jane Symons

Jane is a freelance journalist, author and media consultant whose credits range from The Sun to the World Health Organisation.She edited the health pages of The Sun for five years, and is a former health editor of Woman's Own and chief sub-editor of the Telegraph Magazine.At one time or another she has written for national dailies and magazines including The Sun, Daily Mail, Times, Telegraph, Daily and Sunday Express, Daily Mirror, Woman's Own and Woman & Home. She is currently a regular contributor to the Express and Mirror. Jane provides a range of bespoke consultancy services including content creation, media strategy, writing reports and press materials, crisis communications, media advisory boards and media training.Her book, How to Have a Baby and Still Live in the Real World has been published in the UK, USA, Russia and Sweden. Pregnancy: the Best for You and Your Baby has been published in countries including the Netherlands, France, Spain and the Czech Republic.

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