The Atlas of Disease: Mapping deadly epidemics and contagion from the plague to the zika virus by Sandra Hempel

By November 12, 2019Books, Public

“The Atlas of Disease gives a unique perspective on how epidemics have spread throughout history, from the fourteenth-century plague that devastated Europe and the lethal outbreaks of cholera in the nineteenth-century to the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and the twenty-first-century catastrophic spread of zika in Brazil.

Interweaving new maps based on the latest data with historical charts, alongside often unsettling contemporary illustrations, this book plots the course of some of the most virulent and deadly pandemics around the world. It explains how diseases have changed the course of history and stimulated advances in medicine and how mapping has played a key role in prevention and cure, shaping countless lives.”

Published by: White Lion Publishing

ISBN: 9781781317907

Cost: £19.99

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