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Naimah Callachand

I am a qualified pharmacist from Belfast, with 5 years experience in communications. Previous to working as the clinical editor of the Chemist+Druggist, my roles included; communications director for ZoomDoc (GP on demand app) (10 months), clinical writer for the British National Formulary (2.5 years) and medical writer for a medical communications company (1 year). I have been in my current position for 9 months, developing clinical educational content for pharmacists, as well as working on blogs and features for the news team.



Sue Marshall


Sue Marshall is the founder and editor of Desang Diabetes Magazine. She started Desang in 2004 to sell a range of kitbags to enable people with diabetes to carry around life-critical items all times – something she knows all about having had Type 1 Diabetes for nearly 50 years. Writing about diabetes kit that fits into the kitbags lead to a newsletter that then evolved into a free online magazine. With more than 21,000 readers, it is a great resource for people with diabetes. It covers all aspects of living with diabetes incorporating news, features, interviews, kit listings and food and diet information. She is also the author of a book, Need To Know Diabetes – The Essential Guide. Sue believes that education and good kit are key to gaining and maintaining good blood glucose control, which can avert costly complications, improve quality of life, and save the NHS money.

Robert Mitchell-Thain

My work is mainly in the field of liver health, patient support, and self-management. Relatively new to the journalistic arena but enjoying these initiatory steps into a new, for me, world.

Caesar Sinclair

I graduated with BSc in Biomedical Science and BSc in Medical Biotechnology from Ireland before moving to the UK and pursued an MSc in Biomedicine in 2016. After that, I worked on medical research for two years and delved into Global Health, where I specialized in tackling global health burden through policy, law, education, and biomedical interventions. I worked in four research projects including:

  • Anticancer Properties of Irish mushroom extracts
  • Using bacterial Two-component system genetic engineering to create novel antibiotics
  • Deciphering Sickle Cell Anaemia in physiological and biochemical level
  • How media has a massive influence on health behavior, looking at the anti-vaccination movement as a case study (systematic review)

Stephen Fabes


I’m currently working as a A&E doctor in St Thomas’ Hospital in London. From 2010 to 2016 I cycled the length of six continents visiting remote medical clinics and projects en route – from orthopaedic wards in Afghanistan and TB sanitoriums in Georgia, to mental health rehab in Mumbai and floating clinics on the Tonle Sap in Cambodia. My first book, Signs of Life (Profile) will be pub. in August – part travelogue, part memoir, part exploration of the social drivers of disease. Interested in the historical background to health inequity and marginalisation. I have written widely on travel, and on health for the Guardian and the Telegraph among others.

Aisha Ahmed

I am a GPhC registered Pharmacist, with experience in multiple sectors of pharmacy and a special interest in the pharmaceutical industry and global health. I developed a portfolio CV with experience in primary care and GP medicines management, community pharmacy, clinical hospital pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry where I have worked on high profile projects in Oncology, HIV and Cardiology. My background and experience provides me with a distinct advantage when it comes to the understanding of medicines, pharmacology and the NHS. I am a past executive member of the British Pharmaceutical Student’s Association and have written career pieces for the Pharmaceutical Journal. I am now working on freelance projects.

Valma James


Valma is a trained Registered Nurse, Social Worker, radio presenter, Personal Development Coach and author of Self -Appraisal, Discovering and Maximising Your Potential. Currently works as an independent Health and Social Care Consultant, and Social Worker. My background is in conducting evidence-based research in health and social care, policy development , quality assurance, equalities , customer care. Have held managerial positions within the voluntary, private and public sector and committed to improving health and social care services for informal carers caring for individual with autism, mental health, learning and physical disabilities, including promoting health, social and educational equalities My interest is neuroscience, human and personal development ,mental health ( autism) health of informal carers and contributing to reducing health, educational and social inequalities.

Sallie Robins

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