How to live in a covid world by Jim Pollard

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How To Live in A Covid World by Jim Pollard

Published by Men’s Health Forum

How do we live in a Covid-19 world? To be in control, we need to make decisions but we need the facts to do it.

How To Live In A Covid World: a practical guide for men will help you to make the decisions you need for your health and your family and friends. With men far more at risk from Covid-19, we’ll pull together the facts and figures that can empower you to do it.

– What is Covid-19? – symptoms, testing, treatments, immunity, vaccines
– How is Covid-19 passed on? – understand the virus, masks, contact-tracing, self-isolation
– Covid-19: decision-making – assessing risk and bias, understanding what’s safe and social distancing, easy ways to reduce risk
– Covid-19 and men – the facts and figures for men, other risk factors including health, race, age etc.
– Living with Covid-19 – day to day living, what happens next and how to react, reducing stress and protecting health
– Meet the Men – interviews with men of all ages who have had Covid-19 discussing their experiences and the long-term effects on physical and mental health.

The short, punchy, easy to read 36-page booklet written by Jim Pollard is full of simple, practical tips that will improve the health of pretty much anyone. Available in all formats.

ISBN Number:  ISBN: 978-0-85761-056-0 EPUB ebook • ISBN: 978-0-85761-055-3 Kindle ebook • ISBN: 978-0-85761-050-8 paperback
Cost: £1.79 (ebook) £3.95 (paperback)
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