Emma’s ticked off campaign gains momentum

By February 2, 2022Public

Emma Wilkinson

As anyone who has applied for a Twitter blue tick will know, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the decisions around which accounts are verified, and which are not.

MJA Vice Chair Emma Wilkinson highlighted the issues and called for clarity last year, and she has now collected details from almost 80 journalists who believe their applications for a blue tick have been unfairly rejected.

The Press Gazette has now picked up the story, pointing out that most of the freelancers who have obtained blue-tick status have done so while in staff positions.

If you are active on Twitter, and meet their guidelines for blue tick verification, please consider applying and let us know the outcome. And also do let us know if you have already applied and been rejected.

Ticked off by Twitter

Please complete this form to let us know of your experience of obtaining verification as a journalist on Twitter (blue tick). If you have not applied then let us know why.
If you would prefer to remain anonymous you need not complete this field

If you have applied:

This doesn't have to be exact but month/year would be useful
Please provide as much detail as possible including links to articles if available
eg: NUJ, Guild of Health Writers
Yes or No, if No then please answer the next question
If your application was not successful please provide any information given to you to explain this decision.

If you chose not to apply please expand on your reasons for this:

Please provide details of why you decided not to apply for blue tick verification

Demographic Data

We are collecting some information on demographics to assess if there may be bias in decisions made by Twitter
Please select which best describes your status relating to your work as a journalist

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