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Everyone loves sharing good news — and the MJA Awards were making the news on screen and in print.

Newsnight was first off the mark, celebrating David Grossman and his team winning Feature of the Year, Broadcast, within hours of the BBC team  —  Sean Clare, Michele Paduano, Charlotte Rowles, Emily O’Sullivan, Jonathan Callery,  Stewart Maclean, Becky Emmett picking up the trophy.

Chris Shipman wrote a heartfelt piece on his former colleague, Emily Morgan, being named Editor of the Year — a decision which was greeted with a standing ovation on the evening.

On the ITV website, Chris wrote, “We all knew how talented she was, and so did our viewers who watched her night after night before Covid, during Covid and after Covid.

“And it’s why we are so pleased that Emily Morgan, our dear friend and colleague who passed away in May, has been recognised by her peers.

“Last night at the Medical Journalists’ Association Awards, Emily, who was ITV’s Health Editor when she died, was awarded Editor of the Year.” Click here to read his piece in full.

Pulse, who rarely leave the MJA Awards without a win, were also reporting good news — winning the Feature of the Year, Specialist Audience, for a hard-hitting piece on surgery closures by Pulse editor Jaimie Kaffash and then-investigations editor Rachel Carter.

And, of course, X was abuzz with the hashtag #MJAAwards, as we shared news of another successful awards ceremony. Thanks to everyone who has given such positive feedback, and a special thanks to our sponsors who make the evening possible:





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