Everything Your GP Doesn’t Have Time to Tell you about Arthritis by MJA member Dr Matt Piccaver

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Everything Your GP Doesn’t Have Time to Tell you about Arthritis
Dr Matt Piccaver

Published by Sheldon Press, October 2017, £9.99, ISBN 978 1 8470 94636

An in-depth consultation with an experienced GP

A practising GP has ten brief minutes to tell you everything you need to know about the disease he or she has just diagnosed. Sometimes it takes people half that time just to take their coat off. Research has shown that most people remember only one or two things said to them in a consultation. At a time of an ever aging population, and an increasing burden of arthritis, means an increasing need for reliable information. This book by a GP covers all aspects of arthritis, from common everyday aches and pains, to rarer forms of the disease. The book aims to help those with arthritis understand a little more about their disease, how they can help themselves, and what treatments are on offer.

Topics include:

• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Osteoarthritis
• Other arthritis, such as gout
• Some of the less common causes of joint discomfort
• Prevention
• Conventional treatments including medication
• Complementary therapies
• Diet and exercise
• Surgery
• Current research and the future

About the author: Dr Matt Piccaver is a GP and writer based in the East of England. He has written widely for the national press, including the Independent, Pulse and the Huffington Post. He is frequently called upon by the media to provide medical commentary and has appeared on television.


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