Do Agile by Tim Drake – reviewed by Nina Kirk

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DO AGILE – Futureproof your mind. Stay grounded.

By Tim Drake
Published by The Do Book Company
7th May 2020
£8.99 paperback original (£5.49 ebook)
ISBN: 978-1-907974-80-9

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Do: Agile Book Review by Nina Kirk

Do Agile is the latest addition to the Do Books family. The pocket-sized guides are based around expert lectures delivered annually in Wales with varied themes ranging from bread making to growing a business. The focus of the series is on enabling the reader to create positive change by providing advice and inspiring action. This latest addition certainly does not fail in its objectives.

The title of the book suggests what you will read is about agility or flexibility of mind, which it is. But it could equally have been titled; living well and with purpose, for this is ultimately what this book is about. A compact, easily digestible read, each chapter breaks down a theme for maintaining a growth mindset and builds upon the last, ultimately serving as a road map to ‘future proof’ your mind with simple techniques and thought experiments. There are profound sounding quotes at the start of each chapter and dotted throughout the book which could be cliched but in fact serve to motivate and focus the reader on the lessons about to be expounded.

The actionable intention of the book is reinforced with bullet points at the end of each chapter which distil the preceding advice in to bite sized to-do lists as well as a dense resource section of recommended books, websites and videos allowing the reader to further explore the ideas contained in the book.

In our fast-paced age of social media, technology and the recent upheaval in our normal way of life this book feels very relevant right now and the lessons contained within it could help anyone foster a positive take on our future and the challenges it will hold.

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