The NHS: Britain’s National Health Service, 1948–2020 by Susan Cohen

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A fully illustrated introduction to the NHS, tracing its history from its creation after the Second World War right up to the present COVID-19 crisis. Featuring the personal recollections of nurses and doctors on the frontline, as well as the patients in their care, this timely volume offers a comprehensive overview of one of the most remarkable health systems in the world.

The National Health Service has been Britain’s most revered and valued institution since 1948. Providing ‘cradle-to-grave care’, free at the point of delivery, its scope and the services available have expanded exponentially through the decades, offering a range of treatments and therapies, and, where necessary, palliative care.


In this brief illustrated history, Susan Cohen explains the precursors of the NHS, its genesis under Minister of Health Aneurin Bevan, and seven decades of changing management and organisation, often in controversial political circumstances. Offering a view through the prism of social history, this fascinating volume includes the personal recollections of patients, nurses and doctors who have experienced everything from minor rashes to life-threatening diseases, medical breakthroughs, and most recently, the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19.

About the Author:
Susan Cohen is an historian with a wide interest in twentieth-century British social history. She has written and lectured widely on a variety of subjects and her books for Shire include The Midwife, The District Nurse, The Women’s Institute and Medical Services in the First World War.

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ISBN: 9781784424824
Paperback, 64pp, £8.99
Published by Shire Publications November 12, 2020
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