Dare to Care – How to survive and thrive in today’s medical world

By December 23, 2020Books, Public

Dr. Jan Bonhoeffer, professor of pediatrics, global expert on infectious diseases and vaccine safety, and former ER physician, tells how medical professionals can reclaim heart-based healing amid pandemic pressure

Dare to Care is a book about the magic of medicine and life. Patients long for caring and connection when they are ill, and the doctors who come to this profession full of care and compassion often leave feeling drained and diluted as human beings because they forget who they are. In this book, you will be reminded that essential harmony and well-being is your natural state, and what you have been looking for in any doctor you have sought. It offers an invitation to join a new bandwidth of caring, intuition, holism, and love, to ride the waves of living beyond the norm.
— from the foreword by Dr. Srini Pillay, Harvard Medical School.


For review copies: Michelle Tennant Nicholson, International Publicist, WasabiPublicity.com

VIDEO FROM AUTHOR, DR. JAN BONHOEFFER https://youtu.be/IZ2w4yQ2etc
IMAGE GALLERY: https://drjanbonhoeffer.onlinepresskit247.com/image-gallery.html
MORE PR COPY: https://drjanbonhoeffer.onlinepresskit247.com/
HOW TO BUY THE BOOK: https://heartbasedmedicine.org/dare-to-care-how-to-survive-and-thrive-in-todays-medical-world/


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