Question time for Nigel Praities, the new Chair of the MJA

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MJA Chair, Nigel Praities

Nigel, of course, needs no introduction. He is executive editor of the Pharmaceutical Journal, an award-winning journalist and long-standing member of the Medical Journalists’ Association.

Since joining the Executive Committee almost four years ago Nigel has organised and chaired a number of educational and career-development webinars and worked tirelessly as a Vice Chair of the Association.

At the November 2021 EC meeting he was unanimously elected as Chair, taking over from Lawrence McGinty — who will continue to serve on the EC.

As part of our irregular series of Q&As, we put Nigel in the hot-seat to learn more about his career, cupcakes and karaoke:

Career highlight?

Realising that I did not need to know everything. 

Best thing about being a journalist?

No one puts the phone down when you call them up and immediately start asking questions.

Earliest ambition?

I spent my younger years wanting to become a spy, to hide in the shadows and observe others. In some ways, that ambition has been fulfilled.

Earliest inspiration?

Press Gang. 

Worst mistake?

Trying to make excuses for a woman not being allowed into a Pulse conference because she had a very young child with her. Never defend the indefensible. 

Best career move?

Journalism training – of course!

What is your best attribute as an editor?


And the worst?

Occasional selective hearing.

Favourite health secretary?

Alan Johnson. He would always answer a question and if he didn’t know the answer, defer to someone else who did. 

Who would you most like to thank?

My English teacher, Mr Littlewood. He told me that I had talent and I have never forgotten that.

What makes you angry?

Wilful ignorance… and the House of Lords. 


That woman who was wrongly thrown out of a Pulse conference.

What would you do if you won £100 million?

Probably foolishly try to buy a national newspaper.

Your go-to karaoke song?

Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush.

Guiltiest pleasure?

Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Although I don’t feel guilty.

What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Slap a facemask on Boris Johnson.

Most treasured possession?

My two cats.

What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?

Composting everything I can get my hands on.

What part does alcohol play in your life?

Alcohol not so much. Food, however…

What do you bore your family with?

Politics. They know I have ‘views’ on most things.

Pet hate?

Answering questions, rather than asking them. Oh, and cupcakes.

What would be on your menu for the last supper?

Anything apart from cupcakes – they are evil. Probably toad in the hole and a mug of Yorkshire Tea.


I’ve had a few. Even attempting to become fluent in Japanese is a big one.

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