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Have you joined the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society? If not, you could be missing out on royalty payments for your work. It really is as simple as making money out of old words.

Twice a year the ALCS gets a pot of money collected by the Copyright Licensing Agency which it then distributes to members on the basis of word counts and where the work was published.

It sounds complicated, but is actually very simple. As the Society explains on its website: ‘If your books, or magazines and journals containing your work are available to be photocopied or scanned in schools, universities, businesses, public sector bodies or libraries then you may be entitled to a share of the income collected by the Copyright Licensing Agency.’

It costs only £36 to join the ALCS for life and there is no need to pay up front — if you’re eligible for royalties your dues are deducted from your first allocation. It’s just a matter of logging details of what you have written. There is even a search facility to check for any outstanding book royalties.

Click here for more information and online application to join the ALCS

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