New MJA Award on Climate Change and Health — now open for entry

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2024 MJA Awards: £750 and a trophy to be won in 16 categories

The 2024 MJA Awards are now open for entry, and this year we are introducing a new Health and Climate Change Award for coverage, in any medium, which explores the health impacts of climate change.

The new award is supported by the world-leading consumer healthcare company Haleon, and Bas Vorsteveld, Haleon vice president and general manager Great Britain and Ireland, says, “We at Haleon are delighted to be sponsoring the new Health and Climate Change award, which recognises and celebrates outstanding journalism contributing to this important topic.

The new Health and Climate Change MJA Award is sponsored by Haleon

“Climate change is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the single biggest threat to human health, and without action, the impact on people’s everyday health is set to intensify.

“As a leading consumer health company, Haleon aims to empower millions of people a year to be more included in opportunities for better everyday health.  Yet climate change threatens to exacerbate health inequalities.  We’re collaborating with others – and through our trusted brands – to raise awareness of this linkage and provide solutions to challenges that have implications for our health and our planet.”

In all, there are 17 awards to be won — 16 primary awards with each winner receiving a £750 cash prize and a trophy, plus the award for Student Journalist of the Year, which comes with a £250 cash prize and trophy which we introduced in 2023.

Enter the 2024 MJA Awards

The MJA Awards are open for entry until 00:01 on June 1. Entry is free to members of the MJA — so if you’re eligible, why not join the MJA for £55 full membership or £13 student membership and enter for free? For non members the entry fee is £75 per entry and £20 for Student Journalist of the Year.

News UK is the venue for the 2024 MJA Awards

Winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony on September 11, and this year this will take place at the events space at News UK which boasts panoramic views of the City of London, St Paul’s and the Thames.

With thanks to our sponsors:


Please email us at  if you would like to know more about awards sponsorship and other opportunities to partner with the MJA.

Here’s a full list of the awards to be won:

Award Categories 2024

Student Journalist of the Year
The Gordon McVie Award for reporting cancer research — supported by Roche
Newcomer of the Year
Mental Health Story of the Year — supported by Edelman
The Dr David Delvin Award for sex and sexual health journalism — supported by Christine Webber
NEW AWARD: Health and Climate Change Award supported by Haleon
Podcast of the Year
Feature of the Year (specialist audience) supported by Doctor’s Association UK
Feature of the Year (broadcast)
Feature of the Year (general audience)
News Story of the Year (specialist audience) supported by Real Chemistry
News Story of the Year (broadcast) supported by Virgo
News Story of the Year (general audience) supported by JPA Health
Case Study of the Year
Science Explained
Freelance of the Year
Editor of the Year supported by ABPI




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