Meeting invitation: Medical innovation and anti-microbial resistance

A few free places are available to attend this evening meeting, exploring the latest advance in rapid testing for infection, which has been organised by the University of Southampton.

Antibiotics, our best defence against infectious diseases, are becoming less and less effective. Experts predict that by 2050 antimicrobial resistance (AMR) will cause as many deaths per year as cancer.

Southampton University has a strong track-record of innovating in the face of impossible odds. During COVID-19 they conducted vaccine trials, pioneered saliva testing for asymptomatic cases, and enabled rapid point-of-care testing to reduce diagnosis time. The University’s experts also developed the PeRSo hood, a cost-effective and comfortable piece of PPE which protected key workers.

Rapid, accurate and early diagnosis of infectious disease is the key to combatting the global threat of AMR and preventing another pandemic. At this exclusive, free event, you will hear from the pioneering scientists who are working on this challenge, and hear about the innovative rapid-diagnostic tool, iFAST. Professors Robert Read and Hywel Morgan will explain how iFAST ensures that the right drug is prescribed at the right time, stopping disease in its tracks.

It is being held on April 25, registration from 6pm, April at the Royal College of Surgeons, 38-43 Lincoln’s Inn Field London WC2A 3PE.

Click here for more information and to secure your place.

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